WATCH: Left Field Messiah (Hot Hot Heat, Wildling, Fitz and The Tantrums) Drop Slinky Pop On “Young Libertine”

You might not yet have heard Left Field Messiah play, but you’re probably familiar with its parts. The band – featuring Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat), Erik Janson (Wildling), and Jeremy Ruzumma (Fitz and The Tantrums) recently conjured up a slinky beauty titled “Left Field Messiah” that covers the blue-eyed soul alt pop spectrum ala Hall & Oates, Mark Ronson, and Tame Impala. Check out the video below…

“Young Libertine” covers everything from Oscar Wilde to The Rapture. We wrote it staring at a volcano covered in snow, dreaming of hot lava. “Young Libertine” was an important moment for us because we landed on a new shade of LFM blue, combining early 90s hip hop tones and soul dance melodies splashed with some nice 80s pop moments. This is a song of firsts—rhyming libertine with figurine and x-ray machine with screen—and while our productions have been referred to as “maximalist”, this is one of our more restrained moments,” says the band.

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