LISTEN: Tuvaband Sails Through Evocative Vocal Range On “Fully Mature Things”

Tuvaband is the solo project of Norwegian singer, songwriter, and producer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser. On her new single, “Fully Mature Things”, Tuvaband stuns again, creating an out-of-this-world sonic escapeWith sheer force of character and evocative vocal range, Marschhäuser sails through a cinematic and orchestral synth landscape. Extravagant and undefinable, Tuvaband creates an epic world to sit in, to reflect, to just be.

“Fully Mature Things” is the third single from the forthcoming album Growing Pains & Pleasures (out 5/21/21). The song is about letting go, “accepting changes and letting go of the past to make space for the new, as a result of realizing that fully mature things rot. “Fully Mature Things” has a stormy kind of quality to it, with the guitars thundering in its air and the song’s rhythm rushing and crashing like a rolling wave.

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