LISTEN: Elliott Ok Gets Inspired By Lowell George On Crafty “72”

Elliott Ok is a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who blends heartfelt lyricism with surreal studio production, to illuminate tales of technicolor trailer parks, Korean corner markets, eggplant farms, and all of their peculiar characters.

Be washed clean in a river of tonal paradise, then rest by the fire and set the soundtrack to Elliot Ok’s new single, “72.” A sweet release into folk euphoria as rich vocal layering colors the sky, a gently picked acoustic guitar easies the tonal temperament. Elliot Ok surrounds himself with his dear and talented friends by the likes of Joe Kaplow, Bobcat Rob, and Mickey Newball. “72” is yet another sonic splendor from the Santa Cruz gang of multi-instrumentalist songwriters.

“72” was one of those rare songs (for me at least) that just kinda all came out at once. I remember finishing a documentary on Lowell George of Little Feat and getting ready for bed and just deciding to try and write a song. I came up with the guitar lick and it felt like a porch with fireflies buzzing around. Then all the rest just fell out in a dreamy late-night kinda way. It was super short though, so when I brought it into the band they suggested jamming out an ending part with a big rockin’ slide solo. Which was funny because none of them knew that a documentary on Lowell George (an absolutely ripping slide player) got the ball rolling in a roundabout kinda way.

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