LISTEN: 66 Year Old Muscle Shoals Singer James King Makes Powerful Debut Via “Dying Flame”

Like Charles Bradley and Robert Finley before him, sometimes it’s not too late to break on through. Muscle Shoals, Alabama-based soul singer James King debuts his first solo single at 66 years of age on SILK records. A collaboration between James King and cult electronic producers Andrew Grant, Sean Walker and Anders Lewen, King proves his voice is well worth the wait.

With his new single, “Dying Flame,” King displays his symphonically soulful powerful pipes that simply astound. Complete vocal power and raw inflection singes the track, as the soul singer is situated in a modern, yet organic soundscape that reverberates to the aching tenderness of singers past and present.

“We’re locked to the chain. It’s a universal message about mistakes we make in our life. The flame dying in relationships, the environment, the political wheel turning. It’s hard to maintain faith in the future when we keep making the same mistakes again and again.”

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