LISTEN: All The Queen’s Horses Ride In With Timeless Indie Waltz – “Jocelyn”

All The Queen’s Horses is a dark indie project fronted by Sean Murphy: A signature blitz of sadness and poetry-esque lyrics set to a backdrop of piano, cello, and synthesizers. 

With passion and unmistakable emotion, All the Queen’s Horses give us a timeless waltz dedicated to the darker parts of life and love on their new single, “Jocelyn.” Opening our hearts, reaching out to grasp at the light with a tear in our eyes, we have arrived in an old world, a world steeped in discovery, pain, and loss. Jocelyn is a vocally mighty track, pushed with striking strings and full-bodied rhythmic decadence.

This song is about an Irish singer I read about who moved to New York in the ’60s when the city was coming alive post the war. I can’t remember exactly where I read it but always thought it was fascinating. She worked, sang, was loved and thrived over there in many ways, and became part of the fabric of New York. An upstart outgoing, character, resilient, tough and traveled, however, in other ways, she didn’t do well at all. Despite being Irish, larger than life, confident, and immersing herself into the fabric of the people of New York City it hid another side. She was young and left a family back home and suffered psychologically belonging to everyone but belonging to no one. She sadly committed suicide in a Catholic bedsit that she stayed in Williamsburg. It just seemed like a dark story that could be articulated well and that was my attempt. It was one of the first songs that I wrote,” describes Murphy.

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