SONG/VIDEO PREMIERE: Split Second Meltdown (Rob Clores) Delivers Rapturous & Mysterious “Big Game Hunting”

For American listeners it might be shocking that Rob Clores isn’t a renowned solo headliner in the realm of Steve Gunn or Cass McCombs, but be on standby, as this former Black Crowes touring member clearly has a music flavor worth digging into. Clores helms a new project titled Split Second Meltdown which delivers a Foo Fighters arena rock immediacy mixed with the psych rock mysterious elements of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

Glide is premiering the song and video (below) for the rapturous “Big Game Hunting” which will be included on Split Second Meltdown’s full length debut album in 2022, the follow-up to their self-titled 2020 EP.

The song has several different feels starting with a four-on-the-floor dance type groove switching back and forth to a heavy rock backbeat,” says Clores. “Then it moves along to a mellow tom-tom drum feel section. I think the diversity in the grooves keeps the listener engaged and excited. I like the combination of heavy guitars with synthesizer 

Trent Reznor is a big influence as well as Rammstein.  The song also has some sonic comparisons to RATM and the mellow side of Pink Floyd; it reminds me a bit of the Clash in spots, too.”

The lyrics, explains Clores, “come from the perspective of someone pursuing a ‘prize’ of some kind,” whether it be a girl or a guy and then having the realization that they did not achieve their objective.” Here are the lyrics in the chorus and second verse: “Big game hunting comin’ up with nothing/It’s up ahead I see it in the crosshairs of my mind/Just out of reach it knows I’m coming closer all the time/ It can’t get away/I might not ever get this close again/I smell the fear/I do believe it’s coming all from me.”

In the video, says Clores, “the Hunter character is pursuing the Cat Girl who turns the tables and winds up tricking the Hunter into sitting down for a cup of tea which turns out to be toxic.  The Hunter is played by Ed Bergtold and the Cat Woman is played by Sara Frankino.”

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