VIDEO PREMIERE: Andrew Pitrone Creates Wondrous Mid Century Folk Via “Life Is But a Dream”

Andrew Pitrone, Andrew the Artist, puts the journey- in journeyman, living in various cities and townships up and down the western edge of America, filling his time with song and art-by-hand. Chiefly of which being a film project scripted around the actual building of a barn in the no-man’s-lands of southwestern Oregon. “Many times I find that when I’m doing manual work, poems, melodies, and songs come in,” laments Pitrone. His duty to his muse in all artistic fascits presents a remarkable examination of an artist who’s very life is the gesamtkunstwerk (total artwork). “Sometimes I feel that I am the medium for the product and the tools are using me.”

In the first song from his upcoming EP on Lolipop Records Aurora Montages entitled, Life is But a Dream, Pitrone sets his tone early by achieving sea-legged sure-footing. Glide is premiering the video for the wondrous pastoral folk of “Life Is But a Dream” where Pitrone showcases his songcraft in a delicate manner reminiscent of masters Bert Jansch and Tim Buckley.

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