VIDEO PREMIERE: Surf Through Death Ride Cryptic Desert Psych Riffs & Vibes On “Dirty Holy Water”

Desert rock arrives instinctively for Surf Through Death, a power psych trio featuring three accomplished Phoenix, Arizona musical veterans: Mike Upsahl (bass, vocals), Chan Schulman (guitar), and Shane Ocell drums). From pummeling guitar riffs, spectral howls, fuzzy bass, and primal drums; Surf Through Death ain’t your older brother’s psych doom band. These desert boys incorporate edgy anthemic anthems with a colorful array of B film symbolism while modernly reinterpreting the rhythmic narratives of Sleep and Kyuss. While opening for heavy stalwarts like Warish and the late Hank von Hell; Surf  Through Death has earned sufficient critical acclaim in the southwest region.

Formed prior to the pandemic, Surf Through Death has used the recent doomsday scenario as a coy musical inspiration for their upcoming sophomore album II due later in February. Last Friday the trio released the powerful new single “Dirty Holy Water.” Glide is premiering the official video for “Dirty Holy Water,” (below) which profoundly illuminates desert psych eccentricity at its most obscene and comical

Shot with help from Cory Davis of Yellowbox Films this five-minute romp takes place in a burnt-out desert – an apocalyptic scenario where a broken down vehicle spells doom. The solo accomplice meanders his way towards a cryptic tent where the band is grinding out  “Dirty Holy Water.” Of course, any psych song wouldn’t be complete without some mysterious liquids and herbal goodies. Check out what happens below in this crusher of a music video where an Armageddon scenario goes bonkers.

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