LISTEN: Langkamer Stirs Up Brit-Pop With Americana On “Soul Bucket”

Crafting infectious singalongs that seamlessly blend country, rock, and indie, theirs is a sound overflowing with hooks, melodies, and plenty of dueling guitars. From the raucous first single ‘The Ugliest Man in Bristol’ to the pensive reverie of ‘Mountain Lion’, there’s rarely a moment without a new lyrical earworm or barnstorming riff stirring the soul. With their heart on their sleeve and tongue firmly in cheek, they switch all-too effortlessly between humor and sentiment, borrowing from a wide range of influences as they do so.

“It seems to be half empty. when it used to be half full”, repeats the chorus of “Soul Bucket ”. It’s a heavy sentiment that, for so many reasons, many of us can relate to right now in one way or another but UK’s Langkamerconveys it perfectly without being a total bummer. Both the performance and the mix is laid back but far from lazy – inviting yet professional.  Add to that, insanely catchy melodies throughout sung with a melancholy sincerity and subtle hints of Americana weaving its way into the bedroom indie Brit-pop; Langkamer reminds us all of our own mortality in a way we’ll all be happy to hum along to. 

“Soul Bucket is an ode to aging. To realize that the time is rolling away from you and you can’t catch up no matter how fast you run. We’re distracted by our petty problems and when we look back we realize it’s been months, years,” says the band’s drummer/singer Josh Jarman.

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