VIDEO PREMIERE: Paul Leary Doses Ears With Freak Rocker “The Birds Are Dying”

Paul Leary continues to redefine art-rock in its most mischievous and radical forms – always taking a dare to out-freak artists generations younger than himself. Well for this psych-rock veteran age means nothing and as he continues to rewrite his own musical script.

Today, Glide is premiering Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers) video for “The Bird Are Dying,” the latest single taken off the forthcoming reissue of his debut LP, The History of Dogs (originally shared in 1992), out now via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise. The music video was created by Arturo Baston and is surely a thought-provoker for this last official Friday of Spring.

“Nature is cruel.  We humans have only added to the cruelty. ‘The Birds Are Dying’ came from a dark period of my life.  I still think about those birds, looking for a place to hide.  I, too, was looking for a place to hide,” says Leary.

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