Clarence Clemons Big Night With The Dead

Summer Tour ’89 was quite a good one for the Grateful Dead, especially after a few lackluster runs the previous two summers. One of the best shows of the tour took place at a venue shaped like band’s “Steal Your Face” logo – Shoreline Amphitheatre – 22 years ago today on June 21, 1989. E Street Band sax star Clarence Clemons, who sadly passed away on Saturday, joined the Dead for nearly all of the second set.

Video of this show circulated amongst fans pretty quickly since the performance was simulcast live via a Pay-Per-View broadcast. Here’s a playlist of the entire evening…

Grateful Dead – June 21, 1989

While Hide Away and the beginning of the first set was a bit of a throwaway due to some technical issues, shit starts to get real during Row Jimmy. Jerry Garcia delivers some of his finest work of the summer in Row Jimmy, Cassidy and a Deal that stands out as the best one I’ve ever heard. Want interesting song pairings? How about Scarlet > Hell In A Bucket to start set two. Clemons comes out for Hell In A Bucket and stays out for the rest of the closing stanza sans Drumz.

Set One: Jam [0:47] ; Hide Away [1:39] ; Touch Of Grey [6:10] ; New Minglewood Blues [7:04] ; Ramble On Rose [6:00] ; Box Of Rain [4:47] ; Dire Wolf [#3:07] ; When I Paint My Masterpiece [5:07] ; Row Jimmy [9:55] ; Cassidy [6:20] ; Deal [10:16]

Set Two: Scarlet Begonias [7:46] > Hell In A Bucket [5:44] (1) ; Ship Of Fools [7:44] (1) ; Estimated Prophet [10:14] (1) > Eyes Of The World [12:40] (1) > Drums [#9:52] > Space [15:02] > Truckin’ [6:51] (1) > The Other One [5:16] (1)(2) > Morning Dew [11:#42] (1,3) ~ Turn On Your Lovelight [8:12] (1)

Encore: Brokedown Palace [5:23#]

Comments: (1) with Clarence Clemons (2) { theme [1:12] verse 1 [0:40] theme [2:26] verse 2 [0:37] outro [0:21] } (3) Morning Dew timing from 2 different tapes, one of which had the last 3 minutes cut and one of which had a 1 minute cut in one of the early verses, so the time should be complete and correct

[via DeadLists]

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