Friday’s Leftovers: Too. Much. News.

The third-annual Mountain Jam kicks off today at Hunter Mountain, where Warren Haynes has prepared an extremely homogeneous, yet killer lineup for the three day festie. If you’re like us and unable to attend, you can stream many of the performances online thanks to the Q104.3. The Mountain Jam Blog will also provide updates throughout the weekend. Now, here’s a laundry list of links:

I’m off to Philly tonight for a TLG/UM’stravaganza, followed by a jaunt to Boston for my first Red Sox/ Yankees game at Fenway Park. Ace and I will follow that up by cruising around NYC with Tea Leaf Green on Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone, and let us know if you have any interesting plans below…

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  1. Scaughty – have a pissa time in bahston! Not sure where ya seats ah, but the bleachas in centahfield ah a wicked good place ta get shitfaced and rowdy when geigh-rod and jetah come to town.

    16.5 games back by monday morning? 😉

  2. I barely remember my favorite time at Fenway it mustve been the mushrooms…you’re going to love it…hope you don’t get obstructed view…they have some doozie’s…you got to love down the first base line…where the seats face right field and you have to twist yourself around, pop a disc in your neck to view the catcher…One time I had seats where I could see the pitcher and the catcher…but there was a pole in between them.

    Good Luck and Go Sox…

    Skip_is_Underused is a Sox fan that grew up in the Boston area but resides in Colorado where for all intensive purposes Baseball does not exist…

  3. My plans are to sit on my behind and watch the webcast of Mountain Jam. I’d trade places w/ you in a second – that TLG/UM show should be awesome.

  4. I sure hope people capture the webcasts, as I’ll be away from a computer all weekend.

    I look forward to a full report, Ross.

  5. Let’s go Yank’ums…make us proud in Fenway, you goddamn losers!

    Wrigley is similar, Skip…my senior year in college I went to Opening Day there. It was a gorgeous day, even if it was a little chilly, as usual in April in Chicago. We hit the Cubby Bear and another bar, went in the stadium, hit a little hash in a one hitter and sat down in out seats — to find a pole right in our faces in the infield. Didn’t ruin the day, but I love how people love quirky stadiums.

    Not sure how much of the webcast I’m gonna be able to watch, but I look forward to seeing TLG rip my face off and piss all over it come Sunday night on that boat.

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