Friday Mix Tape: Cliff Claven Edition

For the life of me, I can’t think of a single thing that connects the artists on this week’s Mix Tape to one another, or each song to one another, for that matter.

Well, that’s not true — stealing from everyone’s favorite fictional postal worker, these are all people that have never been in my kitchen. Well, but that’s not true either — when I was a young tyke my mother regaled me with a story about how Otis Redding stopped by our house and made sweet love to her on our kitchen table, “because that’s just how Otis rolled back then, and that’s how special he made white women feel downstairs,” she said. Weird anecdote, mom.


Anyway, let’s take a listen to six quality tunes on this glorious Friday:

Day TripperOtis Redding — 6/4/67
Sweet LibationReid Genauer — 7/6/02 (Gathering of the Vibes)
Thank You for Sending Me an AngelTalking Heads — CBS Demos
Can You Guess It?Tea Leaf Green — 9/29/05
Plane Crashmoe. with John Medeski — 2/10/05
Strobelight HoneyBlack Sheep — Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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