French Kicks: Two Thousand


Indie pop is amazing: it is an endless stream of music, all roughly built around the same instruments and musical structure, yet one can still find music that sounds refreshingly new, interesting, and listenable.  With that, if you’re looking for a hooky, catchy band with great harmonies à la Mates of State, melodies that would make XTC proud, and an 80s glossiness – all leading to an overall enjoyable, and addictive, album – look no further: French Kicks have created it with Two Thousand. 

Two Thousand is that occasional album that provides a listener with few things about which to find dissatisfaction: it is well-produced, seems to have been solidly conceptualized, and is musically attractive.  It breaks little new ground, but is an album to which this listener found himself increasingly drawn:  having given it the obligatory listen, rather than nonchalantly dismissing it as yet another indie clone, it entered into the regular play list – high compliment for a band to which no previous allegiance existed.  Indeed, this is an album for those who like catchy melodies, inoffensively competent – yet still somehow invigorating – well crafted pop songs.   

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