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Sparks: The Most Overlooked Band in Rock – Ten Must Hear Songs

The 1960’s musical explosion started ripple effects that are still felt today. People at the time felt emboldened by the consistently collapsing definitive restrictions that were placed on all artists before. It was this exact ...

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Fleetwood Mac Without Lindsey Buckingham: Eight Other Shocking Firings

If ever some creative Hollywood screenwriter wanted to fashion a soap opera around the chemistry of a rock ‘n’ roll band, all he or she would have to do is study the inner workings of ...

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Gibson Guitars and the Guitarists Who Loved & Love Them

\The news that recently came across the wire about Gibson Guitar’s impending bankruptcy was not only discouraging, but it also a sign that we’re nearing the end of an era. The company supplied its instruments ...

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As The Crow Flies Vs. The Magpie Salute- Chris & Rich Robinson Take Turns With The Black Crowes Songbook

When the Black Crowes first officially reunited with their “classic” lineup in 2005 following a four-year hiatus, it included guitar virtuoso Marc Ford. After a little over a year of touring, Ford left again in ...

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2018 Farewell Tours: Catch Em While You Can: Ozzy, Slayer, Skynyrd, Simon, Baez, Kenny, Elton, The Who

When a heritage artist announces his or her retirement from the road, it marks a passage, a transition, the end of an era, the likelihood there will never be an opportunity to witness that legend ...

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I Was There When: The J. Geils Band Drove the Crowd Wild at the Springfield (MA) Civic Center 4/6/1976

Imagine the utterly startling sensation of receiving a live album by a favorite band just weeks after seeing said group in concert, then finding out it is an almost track-by-track replication of what was so ...

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90th Academy Awards/Oscars: Office Pools Skyrocket

Office pools have become an enjoyable way to break the monotony of the work day. Every year, offices across the country (or even around the world) engage in a friendly competition, allowing employees to make ...

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Metal Casino Has Posted Its First Ozzy Osbourne Video and It Is Everything

Last week Metal Casino released their first video of Ozzy Osbourne. Created as a five-part series Ozzy will appear in exclusive Metal Casino videos. In these videos, he will talk about life as a metal ...

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John Perry Barlow 1947-2018 – The Lyricist’s Top Ten Grateful Dead Contributions

John Perry Barlow, (who passed away 2/6/18) was many things besides Bob Weir’s lyricist for the Grateful Dead – a free speech champion and the builder of the influential Electronic Frontier Foundation. Making a top ...

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‘Star Wars:The Last Jedi’ Influences Big Bets & Big Money

Whatever else Star Wars means—culturally, personally, cinematically—it also means money. Big money. The phenomenon of Star Wars leads to the kind of rabid fanaticism that translates into piles of money at the box office. Even ...

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