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A Shadow Of Jaguar Share Track-By-Track Commentary of Explosive Rock and Roll Debut ‘RAW’

New York City-based gritty rock and rollers A Shadow Of Jaguar dropped their debut LP, RAW, back in October. The duo is made up of Brian Hubbert (lead vocals, slide guitar, bass) and Andrew Oakley (drums, ...

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I Was There When: Rockpile Stole Thunder from Van Morrison @ UVM, Burlington, VT 10/14/78

Memories of Rockpile creating a minor windstorm at UVM’s  Patrick Gymnasium certainly validate a documented history in which Van Morrison ultimately became  tired of following  these rock and roll purists on stage: the Belfast Cowboy ...

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An Extensive Examination Of Björk’s 10th Album ‘Utopia’

Björk’s albums have always exhibited a curious mix of sounds and styles. A single record could include explosive beats alongside gentle harps, guttural moans and shrieks buried among breathy coos; demonic choirs, atonal strings, and ...

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The Glide 20: Glide’s Best Albums of 2017 & Honorable Mentions

2017 once again served as a telling point in music where you had to stretch to certain realms (Americana, folk and funk) to really dig out the best. Once again Glide staff writers narrowed down the ...

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AC/DC Co-Founder Malcolm Young 1953-2017 : 10 Essential Riffs By Rock’s Greatest Rhythm Guitarist

Angus Young may have been AC/DC’s primary showman, dressed in his ever-present schoolboy garb and stalking about the stage, but his big brother Malcolm, who died Saturday from complications due to dementia, was the band’s ...

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50 Years of Fairport Convention: Iconic Folk Band’s Essential Songs & Albums

Its a credit to both their credence and endurance as the primary architects responsible for the fusion of traditional British folk music with the electric jolt of rock ‘n’ roll that 50 years on from ...

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Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks: In Depth On An Inventive Musical Relationship

When rock pioneer Tom Petty died on October 2, the music world mourned a soulful troubadour, a fiercely original and melodic songwriter, and a quietly affecting frontman. A committed writer, performer, and musician to the ...

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Remembering Brent Mydland- The Former Grateful Dead Keyboardist/Vocalist’s Ten Best Songs

Brent Mydland always saw himself as the new guy on keyboards for the Grateful Dead. He held that keyboard position longer than anyone before or since, but could never rid himself of the feeling of not ...

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Melodic Rockers LiquidLight Share Track-By-Track Commentary of New LP ‘Wicked Radio’

Portland, Oregon rockers LiquidLight recently dropped their sophomore studio album Wicked Radio. It showcases an experimentation with a new sound that pushes the songwriting and vocal performances to the fore, while still acknowledging that they ...

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Roger Deakins: The Academy’s Unluckiest Visionary Genius

Cinematographer Roger Deakins is one of the best, and one of the unluckiest, men working in Hollywood today,

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