LISTEN: Soft Cheese Smoke Up Must Hear Genre Slice Up On ‘Raspberries’

Born out of a solo project, songwriter, Hugh Jepson started Soft Cheese to move in a new musical direction – a challenge to exercise more restraint and write more intentionally. The result is Jepson’s distilled pop sensibilities entwined with a melody focused garage rock approach that reaches fans of an array of genres.

Check out Soft Cheese’s supreme new single “Raspberries” (below). Psychedelic guitar and a fuzzy bassline cut the path for an infectiously distorted lyrical delivery. A hypnotic and unassuming track, Jepson sings with a catchy melodic attack. There are vital signs of seductive new wave and punchy postrock making this sounds like a daring byproduct as if The Police and Joy Division collided. 

“Raspberries” takes on serious subject matter while also allowing space for humor and playfulness. It‘s about a personal experience I had while witnessing a loved one die in-home hospice and the weight of the situation being eased by the comic relief of blowing raspberries. The chorus, “if I can’t win, I can’t help, if it all gets lost on you,” is more of a general plea to the world about the absurdity of loss and how no one can be made to understand. The hope is that even if death and loss are impossible to come to terms with in an easily communicable way, at least it is still possible to laugh and lighten the mood in the face of helplessness and to express the confounding experience of it through music, “says Jepson.

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