LISTEN: Wet Leather Break Out 80’s Toto Echoing Power Pop Rock ala “Temporary”

Wet Leather are stuck between stations. The odd-band out and the perpetual underdog, they’ve stayed around the New York scene long enough to see their favorite venues shuttered, to watch great bands form and break up. These were spaces where they managed to feel at home and never managed to blend in with the scenery, and they never made the scene with those bands either. Maybe this is because Wet Leather writes unapologetically huge pop hooks, catchy enough to ensure that they’d always sit uneasily alongside their indie-rock peers. Too square for the rock bands, too sad for the club kids, too scruffy for the pop scene. Like Big Star, their power-pop heroes before them, Wet Leather almost seems doomed to slip through the cracks, but maybe not quite…

Check out Wet Leather’s hot new single “Temporary.” With vivacious lyrical delivery, Wet Leather creates an 80’s influenced rock song that combines big hooks and would be a certain MTV hit ala The Tubes and Toto. Wet Leather is digging into a rather seldom untouched era of the power-pop – break out the headbands and cutoffs.

“Temporary is a paranoid song about striving towards a type of optimism that ultimately becomes corrupted. It’s not a very “New York” sounding song, but we’ve all lived here for years and I was thinking about the city when I wrote it.


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