CALICO the Band: Redefining Americana (INTERVIEW)

It wasn’t all that surprising when CALICO the Band had a small New York City crowd literally howling halfway through their set at Rockwood Music Hall Wednesday evening. Considering how frequently the crowd shouted compliments ...

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Mark Erelli Makes a ‘Mixtape’ That Still Matters (INTERVIEW)

In a golden age before digital music and streaming services, Mark Erelli made his first mixtape. It was the seventh grade, and back then, a mixtape was more than just a compilation of songs: it ...

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Frank Hannon of Tesla Goes Solo With ‘From One Place To Another’ (INTERVIEW)

Frank Hannon wasn’t planning to do a record. He was setting out to improve his voice, challenge it, explore it in different ways. But a record is what he eventually found himself in the midst ...

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Anvil Goes 41 Years Strong With ‘Pounding The Pavement’ – An Interview With Lips

They are the band that would not die. Panned by critics but loved by fans and musicians alike, Anvil has had the last laugh in all the naysayers’ faces. After forty years and sixteen albums, ...

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Bright Light Social Hour’s Curtis Roush Steps Out With 70s Rock and R&B-Inspired Solo LP ‘Cosmic Campfire Music’ (INTERVIEW/SONG PREMIERE)

Austin band the Bright Light Social Hour have managed to gather a loyal following with a style of music that can best be described as loose, soulful rock and roll, that isn’t afraid to venture ...

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Andy West of Dixie Dregs Talks Past, Present & Reunion Tour (INTERVIEW)

On February 28th, Clearwater, Florida, will be hosting a rocking show at their Capitol Theatre, as that’s the night the reunited original Dixie Dregs will hit the stage for the first time in forty years. ...

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R.L. Boyce Bears the Torch for Hill Country Blues (INTERVIEW)

R.L. Boyce never played the blues to get famous. Working and living in North Mississippi town of Como (population 1240), Boyce always played guitar and sang the blues just because he happened to enjoy it. ...

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The World of Joe Satriani: Satch Talks New LP ‘What Happens Next’, G3 Tour & Insecurities (INTERVIEW)

Joe Satriani is releasing his sixteenth solo album this month. That’s almost insane. But considering that Satriani seems to have an endless well of licks and melodies stored up in that brain of his, it’s ...

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Jordan Smart’s ‘Heart Of It All’ Gives Listeners Pause (INTERVIEW)

The essence of folk music is the song and the song is made up of two basic components, lyrics and melody. Boiled down to the very elements it really is that simple a combination. By ...

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Inara George Talks New LP ‘Dearest Everybody’, Guesting on Foo Fighters LP & Another Bird & The Bee Remastering The Classics (INTERVIEW)

If you’ve heard the single, “Young Adult,” from Inara George’s upcoming album, Dearest Everybody, you can tell that a lot has been on the mind of the wife and mother of three young children, and ...

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