King’s X Guitarist Ty Tabor Talks Double Solo LP ‘Alien Beans’ (INTERVIEW)

Ty Tabor wasn’t planning to do a double album; he actually just wanted to gather up some of his online-only songs and put them together onto a CD for the fans. But the creativity started ...

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Matador! Soul Sounds Brings Members of New Mastersounds, Soulive, Pimps of Joytime and Orgone Together For Unique Jazz-Funk Sound on “The State of Affairs” (SONG PREMIERE/INTERVIEW)

No offense, but the funk scene these days leaves much to be desired. Many of the acts that are out there now rely heavily on uninspired tributes and bland grooves that may showcase plenty of ...

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Myles Kennedy Embraces Blues & Acoustic On Solo Debut ‘Year of the Tiger’ (INTERVIEW)

Since 2010, Myles Kennedy has been pulling a non-stop double-duty workload as a singer for guitar player Slash’s solo band and Alter Bridge, the band he joined in 2004. Not many vocalists can pull something ...

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Roots/Punk Rocker M. Witte Molds Horror Movies & Tom Waits On Debut LP ‘Ol’ Boy’ (INTERVIEW)

He grew up wanting to make horror movies, but then he got into Tom Waits. For M. Witte, a roots-punk frontman making his more acoustic solo debut with the compelling Ol’ Boy, nothing comes more ...

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Centro-matic’s Will Johnson and Water Liars’ Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster Team Up As Marie/Lepanto (INTERVIEW)

In certain musical circles, Will Johnson and Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster are almost musical royalty. Johnson’s band Centro-matic was a force of dark, nuanced alt-country for nearly two decades before calling it quits in 2014. He also ...

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David Duchovny’s Muse Returns On Second LP ‘Every Third Thought’ (INTERVIEW)

Up until 2015, David Duchovny was known primarily as an actor, the star of several hit TV series – The X-Files and Californication – and movies like Kalifornia and Return To Me. But 2015 turned ...

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Duane Betts Gears 2018 Breakthrough Via Tour With Devon Allman (INTERVIEW)

Although Duane Betts is already well-known as a guitar player, having toured with Dawes a few years ago, was in Backbone 69 with Cisco Adler and Christopher Williams, and has jammed with the likes of ...

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Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra Craft Their ‘Sgt. Peppers’ With ‘Stereoscope’

Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra are probably not yet a blip on your radar screen. That should change. If you are the kind of music listener that likes to connect with your music ...

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Santa Barbara Folker F.J. McMahon Revisits Classic ’69 LP ‘Spirit of the Golden Juice’ (INTERVIEW)

Sometimes surprises come out of the most unexpected places. Originally released in 1969, F.J. McMahon’s spellbinding album Spirit of the Golden Juice is a dewy, polaroid snapshot of anti-war sentiment intertwined with tales of heartbreak ...

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Don McLean – Still Touring and Recording Strong After ‘American Pie’ (INTERVIEW)

Don McLean wrote (and sang) perhaps the most iconic song in American rock & roll, “American Pie.” Yet, he has done so much more than that one song which propelled him to fame, fortune and ...

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