Boulevards Talks Emotional Funk, Collaborating with Neon Indian, Style (INTERVIEW)

Jamil Rashad AKA Boulevards has two releases to his credit, including last year’s dance-laden breakout album, Groove!. Riding a wave of momentum, Boulevards has made a quick return with the recently released Hurt Town, a high-energy, funkadelic ...

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Derek Trucks Talks Losses Of Col. Bruce, Butch & Gregg Along With 2018 Touring/Studio Plans (INTERVIEW)

  “Forget what we said last December, cuz it’s been a hell of a year.” Susan Tedeschi belts those words out on “Let Me Get By” a Tedeschi Trucks Band song from an album of ...

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Jake Duda Produces Americana Splendor With Under The Radar Debut ‘De Soto’ (INTERVIEW)

There’s not much in the world of Americana music that sounds quite like Jake Duda. He and his band, which consists of numerous family members, exist in a world of raucous and rich sounds. It’s ...

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King Crimson/Foreigner Founding Member Ian McDonald Gels With New Band Honey West (INTERVIEW)

When best of the year lists start popping up in December, they are mostly filled up with well-known established artists and on-the-rise youngsters starting to make a big noise for themselves. Older musicians still out ...

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Thor Platter Offers Banjo Rich Debut With ‘Take Time’ (INTERVIEW)

Thor Platter named his debut album well. Take Time is an album that’s patient, empathetic and introspective in a way that most listeners would be wise to learn from. In most cases, the music matches ...

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Byrds/Roots Legend Chris Hillman Shares All In Rare Extensive Interview

We have so many things to be thankful for that Tom Petty had done in his career and one of his last, most beautiful contributions was producing Chris Hillman’s new solo album, Bidin’ My Time. ...

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Dan Gilroy On Activism, Idealism, and The Role They Play In ‘Roman J. Israel, Esq’ (INTERVIEW)

The Nightcrawler director talks Denzel Washington and his latest film.

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Pablo Schreiber Talks ‘Thumper’ And Humanizing Morally Gray Characters (INTERVIEW)

The actor discusses his latest film and how he works to bring relatability to morally grey characters.

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Sounding Arrow is the first solo project from Scott Kinnebrew, singer and lead guitarist of roots rockers Truth & Salvage Co., and former ringleader of Smoky Mountain indie faves Scrappy Hamilton. Sounding Arrow’s new album Loving Is Breathing was released on September ...

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Greta Van Fleet Fronts Much Needed Hard Rock Revival (INTERVIEW)

Greta Van Fleet Leads Must Needed Hard Rock Revival (INTERVIEW)

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