Karl Denson Trio Wrap Up Lunar Orbit

Karl Denson has just wrapped up the recording of “LUNAR ORBIT”, his newest endeavor, featuring THE KARL DENSON TRIO (KD3).  KD3 will debut LUNAR ORBIT on September 18, 2007.

KD3 is a stripped-down unit of keyboard, drums and sax that owes as much to the venerable tradition of jazz organ groups as to the contemporary groove-based milieu of the GREYBOY ALLSTARS.  The Trio is bold statement about jazz – past, present and future and in keeping with Karl’s vision of jazz as dance music, the project manages to find an innovative approach to jazz in some varied & unexpected places.

KD3 will satisfy the needs of the jazz aficionados and funksters alike while challenging both to evolve.  Combining elements of modern funk, hip-hop, jazz and psychedelia, the sonically adventurous and instrumental LUNAR ORBIT is possibly Denson’s best work to date. It’s a potpourri of well constructed motifs that aim seemingly toward blasting traditional jazzbo’s into interstellar space.

Denson notes, “I felt the need for a musical challenge and playing in a trio setting helps me to open up my musical head space.  As an artist, the Trio allows me to present an array of music in a more exposed and demanding way."

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