One Track Mind

Sera Cahoone Strikes A Big Chord With New LP ‘From Where I Started’ (INTERVIEW)

You might have to listen to Sera Cahoone’s album From Where I Started (released March 24th) a couple times before you take note of anything other than her voice. Cahoone’s voice is alternately airy and ...

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Meet Sinners & Saints, North Carolina’s “Two-man One-man Band”

North Carolina’s Sinners & Saints released their second full-length album, On The Other Side, on March 10th. Although Sinners & Saints consists of two members, Perry Fowler and Mark Baran, whose harmonies are front and ...

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John Craigie Embraces Portland Musical Community For Relaxed LP ‘No Rain, No Rose’ (INTERVIEW)

In 1969 the three astronauts of Apollo 11 completed their mission–the first manned lunar landing. They were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and…the other guy. “The other guy” was Michael Collins. While Armstrong and Aldrin spent ...

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Andrew Marlin of Mandolin Orange Weaves Past & Present On ‘Blindfaller’ LP (INTERVIEW)

The voices of Emily Frantz and Andrew Marlin, the two members of North Carolina acoustic duo Mandolin Orange, are a study in contrasts. Frantz’s vocals are lilting, floating above the instrumentation, whereas Marlin’s are understated. ...

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Caroline Spence Talks “Trains Cry” From 2015 Debut LP ‘Somehow’ (INTERVIEW)

Virginia native Caroline Spence’s 2015 debut full-length album, Somehow, introduced listeners to one of the purest, clearest soprano voices to be heard in or out of Nashville. But that remarkable voice is just the beginning ...

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Anthony D’Amato Shares Thoughts on Global Selfishness Via Track “Blue Blooded” (INTERVIEW)

Anthony D’Amato’s new album, Cold Snap, produced by Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes, has a harder edge than his most recent record, The Shipwreck from the Shore, and that’s especially the case for the song ...

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River Whyless Goes Deep on “Life Crisis” off Self Titled EP (ONE TRACK MIND/INTERVIEW)

It’s often true that “the sum is greater than the parts,” and the Asheville, North Carolina experimental folk band River Whyless is a perfect example. Their mesmerizing sound, built by seamless harmonies, soaring violin and ...

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ONE TRACK MIND: Rayland Baxter Extends Insight to “Yellow Eyes” (INTERVIEW)

The album art on Rayland Baxter’s second album Imaginary Man features a photograph of Baxter’s face, half of it obscured by shadow. The original plan to make the left side another face didn’t work out, so ...

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Dar Williams Tunes Up “FM Radio” To Glide (INTERVIEW)

With a songwriting career as long and prolific as Dar Williams’, it’s not surprising that she’s picked up a host of talented musical friends along the way. Some of them share songwriting and performing credits ...

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Libby Rodenbough of Mipso Talks “Down in the Water” (INTERVIEW)

The first time I heard Libby Rodenbough sing “Down in the Water” was in a Mexican restaurant in Davidson, North Carolina, in August of 2014. As the fiddle player for Mipso, a rising young bluegrass-influenced ...

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