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Van Morrison: It’s Too Late to Stop Now…Volumes II, III, IV & DVD Box Set (ALBUM REVIEWS)

The announcement of the archiving of Van Morrison’s considerably lengthy discography through Legacy Music no doubt generated cautious optimism among his fans and music lovers in general. Previous reissue initiatives consisted of straight remastering with ...

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Van Morrison’s Early Legacy Re-Documented on ‘The Complete Them 1964-1967 (ALBUM REVIEW)

If Van Morrison’s career had never progressed past his years with Them, he might still deserve his own chapter in the history of contemporary rock and roll. And that’s because his galvanizing presence, transcends the ...

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Faces Remaster All Four Studio Albums, Plus Rarities On ‘You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything’ (1970-1975) Box Set

Compared to the splendidly comprehensive scholarship that is the four-CD hardbound set, Five Guys Walk Into a Bar from 2004,  the five-disc box You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything (1970-1975), (released at least ...

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Grateful Dead Dick’s Picks Archive Series Reissues – Harpur Collage ’70, MSG ’90, Stanley Theatre ’70, Dane County Coliseum ’78, Nassau Coliseum ’81

It’s a tribute to the longstanding appeal of the Grateful Dead that their (and rock’s?) first bonafide archival series is now well into it’s third year of reissues via Real Gone Music. The titles originally ...

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Johnny Winter- True To the Blues: The Johnny Winter Story (BOX SET REVIEW)

As depicted in its chronological delineation of recordings, True to the Blues illustrates how the recently deceased Johnny Winter became one of contemporary blues’ most formidable guitar heroes. Rising above more than a little hype ...

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Eric Clapton Give Me Strength: The 1974/1975 Recordings (BOX SET REVIEW)

It’s a measure of Eric Clapton’s iconic stature as the prototypical guitar hero that his extended career encompasses so many stellar milestones. The tenure with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers remains a touchpoint in contemporary blues even ...

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The Beatles U.S. Albums

It is perhaps only inevitable marketing to see the Beatles US Albums out in line with the fiftieth anniversary of the Fab Four’s first visit to America. Unlike the previous release of The Beatles Capitol ...

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Dave’s Picks Vol. 8, Dick’s Picks Vol. 21, Garcia Live Vol(s) 1-3

Heading toward the twentieth anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death and the ostensible passing of the Grateful Dead, the band’s legacy has never loomed larger in the history of contemporary rock and roll. The remaining members’ ...

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Tommy Bolin: The Definitive Teaser Collector

Just as there was much more than meets the eye to Tommy Bolin, so is there much more than meets the eye to The Definitive Teaser Collector’s Edition. Enclosed in a slipcase of distinctly budget ...

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The English Beat: The Complete Beat

English Beat were not the first of the Two-Tone groups--that honor goes to The Specials--but the Dave Wakeling-led band nurtured an eclectic style that broadened their appeal beyond the bounds of their peer bands from ...

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