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2 Responses

  1. Hey,

    I am a freelance photographer located in Miami FL looking for new opportunities to contribute to a publication. I have 4 years of concert photography experience and have gone international to cover festivals, etc.

  2. In your article “Devo Rocks New York’s Pier 17 For Mark Mothersbaugh’s 72n Birthday” by Ryan Dillon, there are a number of errors. (https://glidemag.wpengine.com/275563/devo-rocks-new-yorks-pier-17-for-mark-mothersbaughs-72n-birthday/?fbclid=IwAR3IyW5uOay1EzMvQ3nXq5hd-5fO34Z9ZVWj6tQxO6J-RfURFYrUrnsLsqM)

    First off, the title should say “72nd Birthday”, not “72n Birthday”. Next, the line “The crowd dawned on the classic red cone hat made famous by the band in their early years.”; do you mean “donned” (as in, dressed oneself in)?

    Finally, and perhaps most egregiously, is the sentence “Last night (May 18), Devo revisited old tracks like “Marigold” and the cult classic “Whip It”.”

    Devo never had a song “Marigold”, but I believe the writer refers to the song “Mongoloid”.

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