Black Lips: Good Bad Not Evil


Atlanta cow-punks The Black Lips are a refreshing breath of new weird air. The quartet is an easy-step hybrid of smarts, humor and song – and their fifth album, Good Bad Not Evil (VICE Records), showcases all the band’s attributes in a perfect, 35 minute power-punch. All at once, the album draws pleasant resemblances to the work of Mudhoney, The B-52’s, pre-Dookie era Green Day, The Byrds, and Pavement. With that being said, despite the many comparisons, The Black Lips are distinctly their own.

The garage rev-up of the first single "O Katrina" sets the tone for this 13-track, instant winner. "It Feels Alright" keeps the momentum consistent. And if you’re not laughing yourself silly at the lyrics to "Navajo" or "How Do You Tell A Child That Someone Had Died," then you seriously need to lighten up! Buzzkills will not be tolerated during the playing of Good Bad Not Evil will not be tolerated. So don’t pack the suntan lotion and one-hitter away for the winter just yet, Good Bad Not Evil is the perfect weapon in slowing the clock on this quickly fading summer.

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