Page McConnell Plays Tribute to Elton John

After working hard on recording and then touring behind his first album, Page McConnell is ready to unwind a bit this fall. While McConnell doesn’t have any tour dates booked, he will be making his Carnegie Hall debut during an Elton John and Bernie Taupin tribute on October 10th.

Page was kind enough to speak with us about the Elton/Bernie tribute, personal highlights of this past year, and what’s next for the Chairman of the Boards…

Scott Bernstein: How did you get involved with the Elton John tribute?

Page McConnell: Initially Michael Dorf, who runs the series, asked Mike Gordon or maybe even Mike and Leo to do the benefit, but it isn’t something that he is doing right now. Through (Mike’s) people, I was turned onto it.

SB: Have you prepared for the performance at all? Do you know what you are gonna play?

PM: I do know what I’m gonna play…and you know what they say about trying to get to Carnegie Hall. Yes, I have been practicing. Practice, Practice, Practice. I’ll be playing Amoreena. Also I suppose there is the possibility for collaborations. I jumped at the opportunity because I’ve never played Carnegie Hall, and I’ve been an Elton John fan for my whole life. One of my very first concerts was Elton John at the Garden in ‘82. Head over to Hidden Track for more of Scotty’s interview with Page…

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