Circus Devils: Sgt. Disco


Robert Pollard put Guided By Voices to pasture years ago, but the proficiency keeps on going with bands including Circus Devils. And this 32-song release featuring himself and the Tobias brothers (Todd and Tim) is another interesting piece that at times is pure magic. Sounding like Tom Waits or Bowie circa Outside on “Swing Shift,” “Break My Leg” and “The Winner’s Circle” but generally keeping to his catchy rock, Pollard is at his best during “In Madonna’s Gazebo” and the country-roots mix of “George Took A Shovel.”

Coming off at times as if it was produced in 1968, Circus Devils shine on the short “Nicky Highpockets” while “Brick Soul Mascots (Part 1)” has a Floydian tint to it. Even the murky, quirky efforts like “New Boy,” “Dead Duck Dinosaur” and “The Assassin’s Ballroom (Get Your Ass In)” flows quite well. Perhaps the highlight among the near three dozen tracks is “The Pit Fighter” that shows a bit more urgency. Although there is a bit of sonic fat here, generally it seems to work judging by “Brick Soul Mascots.”

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