Spanish For 100: Say What You Want To Say To Me


Spanish for 100 is yet another recent Seattle “buzz” band, securing a coveted designation as “your new favorite band” by KEXP’s John in the Morning.  One can’t help but listen to their recent album Say What You Want To Say To Me with a mixture of doubt and the desire to not buy into the aforementioned hype – and yet, the catchy, driven album has a way of worming its way under one’s skin.  Their formula is nothing new: two guitars, a solid rhythm section

Lead singer Corey Passons, his voice bearing striking resemblance to Remy Zero’s Cinjun Tate, sings with a palpable passion, his voice easily carrying the lyrics to greater effect.  Sharing guitar duties with Aaron Starkey, Passons leads an engaging charge reminiscent of Stars of Track and Field, if not quite as urgent-feeling.  Similarly, the rhythm section – only relatively recently firmly established with the addition of drummer Chris Crumpler (in 2005, but after a long line of rotating drummers) – owns the music, propelling even the slower songs with a subtle power that makes the music that much more compelling. 

Spanish for 100 isn’t yet this reviewer’s new favorite band, but it would be little surprise to feel differently after another round or three of listening.  This is a solid effort, and one that, if it can be built upon, leaves little doubt that Spanish for 100 will be around for a while. 

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