Josh Rouse: Country Mouse, City House


Josh Rouse loves 70’s music.  This is a good thing, considering one of his best albums, 1972, wouldn’t be great without its soulful influence.   Songs in his catalogue like “It Looks Like Love”, “Come Back”, and Slaveship” can attest that Rouse has mastered this obsession and, if nothing else, expressed his talents in a honest way over the years. 
Country Mouse, City House
draws on this 70’s vibe, and again, makes it work with Rouse’s signature vocals and steady rhythm.  Melody has always king for the singer-songwriter from Nebraska, and this new effort doesn’t disappoint.  Although his lyrics sometimes come up uninspiring, tunes like “God, Please Let Me Go Back”, “Pilgrim”, and “Snowy” again show what Rouse does best: show off his groove and soul.

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