Lightspeed Champion: Galaxy of the Lost (EP)


Dev Haynes has broke away from the worst named band in indie-pop’s history, Test Icicles, to come up with a new codename Lightspeed Champion. The dancey/pop/punk he recently played is also no more, replaced with operatic strings, acoustic guitars and a focus on Haynes voice.  This teaser EP (the full length due to be released in February) contains one album track, a few b-sides and covers, ending up as a mixed bag.

 The Broadway show tunes from Hair  -“The Flesh Failures” – and Xanadu’s title track are tacky and slightly better then group Karaoke only because of the strong production, but I doubt they stay on anyone’s iPod after one spin.  The originals possess orchestral arraignments of grandeur with a strong vision and voice from Haynes.  At times Haynes’ voice changes mid stanza as if he is still searching for his personal sound, but the flushed out lush pop tones and production on “Galaxy of the Lost” and “Waiting Game” will make you want to hear the final product in 2008, hoping he stays far off-Broadway. 

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