Patton Oswalt: Werewolves & Lollipops


Lollipops is the latest offering from alt.comedian Patton Oswalt. Hopefully you know Oswalt as the mastermind behind the brilliant Comedians of Comedy – it’s the antithesis of Dane Cook and Blue Collar Comedy, meaning smart and funny. Odds are though you recognize him from his stint on The King of Queens or from this past summer’s Ratatouille – so you may need to forget your G-rated perception of him before settling into stand-up act.

This self-proclaimed comic book nerd could easily be the poster child for the current Geek Chic movement. His routine shifts deftly between high and low brow topics with more pop culture references then an episode of Best Week Ever – a show that he incidentally discusses getting fired from. It’s when the two meet somewhere in the middle that we get some of Oswalt’s best punchlines. How else could you describe a comparison of the Bush administration to the Dukes of Hazzard?

With bits on killing George Lucas with a shovel and getting upset over an incorrect Star Trek reference on a college exam, you can see how Oswalt can fess up to sometimes letting his geeky-ness getting in the way of his nerdy-ness, but if these are the results then it’s definitely a good thing.

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