Santana Thinks Trio For Next Album

fter three successful albums of high-profile collaborations, Carlos Santana is preparing for a different endeavor for 2008.

The guitarist and bandleader is teaming up with producer Bill Laswell for "The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost," a three-CD set Santana tells will reflect his myriad musical influences. "We still love (John) Coltrane and Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye," he says, "so that music is gonna get in there. And Paco de Lucia … very Spanish."

The base group for the recording will be a trio of Santana, his longtime keyboardist Chester "CT" Thompson and Narada Michael Walden on drums. He’s also planning to incorporate guests such as Wayne Shorter, Pharoah Sanders, Kenny Garrett and others. "I have yet to do a trio band," Santana notes, "so this is my opportunity to do kind of like a Tony Williams trio thing. It’s a trio with other colors; we’re gonna bring other musicians in, singers and stuff like that."

Santana hopes to have the album finished and out by next summer, but no firm release date is set.

He recently recapped his career highlights with "Ultimate Santana," an Arista set that includes material from throughout his career and particularly focuses on his "Supernatural," "Shaman" and "All That I Am" albums.

Source Billboard

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