Yoko Ono: Open Your Box ( The Remixes)


Open Your Box is a dance mix collection of quintessential Yoko Ono songs.  The unique feature here is  that the lyrics are understandable, and quite often full of pain, not your typical mind-numbing dance fare. Even though the songs didn’t originate as dance music, Open Your Box does contain one essential ingredient in successful dance mixes: sex.

 The title track, a clever double entendre, was  banned in the U.K. in 1971 for being too provocative. Additionally, we are treated to the sound of an abbreviated version of Ono’s full length orgasm in "Kiss Kiss Kiss."

One surprising thing about this release is that it follows right on the  heels of a another collection titled, "Yes, I’m a Witch," in which Ono’s music is artistically interpreted by an assortment of contemporary artists. Known for being well ahead of her time, Ono has simultaneously orchestrated two collections of stunningly different versions of many of the same songs. She has done so by enlisting musicians who not only bring their unique talents to the studio, but different musical genres as well.

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