Paul McCartney’s Rockshow Hits Theaters On Wednesday

One of the biggest tours of the ’70s was Paul McCartney & Wings’ Wings Over The World excursion. McCartney hadn’t toured since The Beatles called an end to their road days in 1966 and wound up taking Wings across the world in 1975 and 1976, performing a mix of Wings and Beatles tunes. Wings’ performance at the Kingdome in Seattle was recorded for a concert film that finally saw the light of day in 1980. However, the film, titled Rockshow, contained only portions of the band’s Kingdome show.

After all these years Macca has finally authorized the release of the full Seattle show from the original 35mm film and featuring restored and remastered sound. Rockshow will hit theaters worldwide starting on Wednesday. Watch Paul McCartney and Wings perform Silly Love Songs as a sample of what you can expect from the new version of Rockshow…

Rockshow is due out on DVD and Blu-Ray in early June.

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