Delta Moon: Clear Blue Flame


The title track that opens Delta Moon’s Clear Blue Flame is a song about moonshine. Yes, it’s that kind of album. The subject matter, however, is of little importance. This is an album where the gritty blues rock riffs, country twang and trademark duel slide guitars are at the forefront.

The lyrics which range from clichéd (“Money changes everything”) to downright silly (“The dog don’t get his bone/ when there’s trouble in the home”) only get in the way. From the blues strut of “Blind Spot” to the up-tempo, fuzzed-out slide groove of “Jessie Mae,” it’s the Delta Moon rhythms that stand out. This is not an album for sitting around with the liner notes out while you ponder the songs’ meaning. Clear Blue Flame is for you to crank up at a party while wearing comfortable dancing shoes and downing moonshine that “burns with a clear blue flame.”

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