Electronic Wizard Daedelus Releases Live Record

One of L.A.’s most daring producers, Daedelus weaves together a true "love-sound" that falls between honeyed melodies and avant-electronics .He chops and splices disparate acoustic sources into incredible works of staggering resonance. Contrasting IDM styled cut-ups with childlike arrangements from the 30s and 40s, he has refined a style that has no imitators. Exactly the kind of music you’d expect from a scarily well-connected hip hop nut who happens to dress in Edwardian clothing and names himself after an Ancient Greek Legend.

The Daedelus live show, which utilizes a custom-built trigger device called the Monome, has amazed audiences across the world, and secured his reputation as one of the most exciting live artists in electronic music. In 2007, Alpha Pup Records invited Daedelus to perform at their infamous Low End Theory weekly club in Los Angeles, and recorded the performance. Now, for the first time ever, the live Daedelus experience is available on CD and for digital download. With a body of work including releases through Mush, Plug Research, Hefty, Tigerbeat6, Eastern Developments, and Ninja Tune, Daedelus’ rep is long since established.

Daedelus and LA-based label Alpha Pup Records (edIT, Subtitle, Busdriver) are proud to announce Daedelus’ Alive For You contest. Each contestant can choose up to 10 favorite Daedelus tracks for Daedelus to create a custom mix CD using his signature piece of equipment, the Monome. People can sign up for the contest on Daedelus’s MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/daedelusdarling beginning on the official album release date, Tuesday January 22. The contest will last 2 weeks, ending on February 5. One lucky winner will be randomly chosen.

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