Lotus: Copy Paste Repeat: Lotus Remixed


The purveyors of some of the best live electronic music out there, Lotus lends itself well to a disc of remixes, and Copy/Paste/Repeat is mostly a success, with contributors including The Juan Maclean, DJ Harry, J. Tonal, Telepath and Lymbyc Systym.

The DJ Harry mix of “Tip of the Tongue” opens the disc, layering the track with big-beat dance rhythms reminiscent of a less-hardcore Crystal Method. The Juan Maclean reworks “Bubonic Tonic” with his trademark synth-heavy disco beat, thankfully maintaining the swinging style of the original. Elements of Canadian electronica band The New Deal color Scotty B’s version of “Suitcases,” and Lotus’s bassist Jesse Miller offers a cool remix of the same song, as well as “Tip of the Tongue” and “Livingston Storm.”

The only misstep on the album is the weak-willed Telepath remix “Tip of the Dub”—as is occasionally the case with dub, the track fizzles before gaining any momentum. The unquestioned highlight is Skytree’s Hydronium remix of “When H Binds to O,” which conjures the deep, horror-show darkness of DJ Clever and features a heavy bass-drum beat skittering across the murky bassline.

Lotus fans will eat this one up, and the album should also appeal to those interested in house, techno, trance, drum & bass, dub and other forms of electronic music.

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