Brett Dennen: Sundance Film Festival Music Caf

At the tail end of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, up and coming acoustic singer/songwriter Brett Dennen made an appearance at the festival’s Music Café. The audience was almost completely silent as the baby-faced musician delivered an engaging performance packed with intellectual, yet still catchy lyrics and beautifully smooth melodies. The packed crowd was completely rapt with Dennen’s personable stage presence and friendly attitude that shined throughout the set. Dennen finished off the performance with his popular upbeat track “Darlin’ Do Not Fear”.
After the performance, Dennen entered the backstage press room and immediately made his presence felt. Standing tall at around 6’4”, his unique appearance is definitely striking—a big guy with innocent facial features and long, wild, 70’s styled bright red hair. Dennen is as genuine and down to earth as you’d imagine listening to his thoughtful and introspective lyrics. He discussed his busy schedule and plans to begin recording a new album that he hopes to have cut by fall. Dennen was excited to talk about his dedication towards a variety of non-profit groups and his plans to begin making contributions at each of his performances moving forward.
While he is fully aware of his status as a struggling musician fighting to get his music out, Dennen remains easy going, and inspired by the momentum that has been building around him over the past year.

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