Ryan Adams On Second Draft of New Album

Ryan Adamshas launched a new website and blog to chart his experiences while writing new material.

The new website is dradamsfilms.com/ – referring to his full name David Ryan Adams – although the blog is called "Totally Bored The Musical".

So far Adams has revealed that he has avoided too much writing thanks to a bout of "spring cleaning which lasted for exactly a week, give or a take a week". He also shared with readers his plans to write a "a fictional blog, by someone who maybe loves metal but totally misunderstands the style and content of metal completely. I mean, in the best way".

Also on the site, Adams has paid tribute to Bob Mould‘s last album ‘District Line’, declaring: "This record and this brave man and his words saved me, again. It is endless and I listen to this at least three times a day. I have to say it is my favourite Husker/Sugar/solo record of his."

As for his own album Adams revealed: "I have to write this record. I mean, this is the second draft. By second draft I mean, this is a whole new batch of tunes. The last batch was fine and maybe even some of it was rad. But my head did not catch on fire. At least not totally. I am sure I burnt more than a few by accident but all that house dust acted as a wonderful repellent. So anyway, off to work I go."

Source NME

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