Cody Dickinson & Chris Chew Form The Hill Country Revue

Cody Dickinson and Chris Chew of the North Mississippi Allstars form a new side band, the Hill Country Revue. The group also features former Allstars’ member and son of the legendary bluesman R.L. Burnside, Garry Burnside, along with guitarist Kirk Smithhart and vocalist Dan Coburn of Dixie Hustler.
The Hill Country Revue represents a return to juke-joint one-chord trance blues of north Mississippi, styles made famous by local blues legends like R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough. By drawing from the traditional songs and modes of the Hill Country, the band stays true to its roots yet pushes the boundary by incorporating new songs and elements for the next generation.
"This is really back to the roots,” says Cody. “To be honest, I can’t compare it to anything because I’ve really never heard anything that sounds like it," he says. "It’s all blues, though. Some is more traditional hill country and some of it’s very modern.”

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