Zappa Plays Zappa Presents Live DVD

On April 29th, Razor & Tie Entertainment will release ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA on DVD.  The DVD features the astounding music of Frank Zappa played by an expert ensemble led by his son, Dweezil, an accomplished musician in his own right.
Considered by many to be a genius composer, guitarist and producer, Frank Zappa’s body of work is as vast, as it is diverse.  His untimely death in 1993 left legions of loyal fans missing his satirical flair and brilliant musicianship.  A few years ago, Dweezil decided that his father’s music had been missing from the musical landscape for far too long and chose to dive headlong into the massive undertaking that became ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA.  This extensive concert tour respectfully brings selected compositions from the elder Zappa’s body of work back to the stage.

 In 2006, two ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA shows were pristinely filmed and recorded (in Portland, OR and  Seattle, WA, respectively) to capture the experience.  The result is a double-DVD set with a 12-track bonus audio CD.  Produced by Pierre and Francois Lamoureaux for Strobosonic, the DVDs feature over three hours of performances of Dweezil’s “rocking teenage combo”, including previous 2006 tour special guests: Steve Vai, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Terry Bozzio.  A limited edition fanpack will also be available which features the two-DVD set and three CDs containing the entire audio content, totaling 270 minutes.
1.                   Andy
2.                   Call Any Vegetable
3.                   Tell Me You Love Me
4.                   Florentine Pogen
5.                   Cosmik Debris
6.                   I’m The Slime
7.                   Pound For A Brown
8.                   Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow
9.                   St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast
10.               Father O’Blivion
11.               Inca Roads
12.               Eat That Question
13.               I’m So Cute
14.               Tryin’ To Grow A Chin
15.               Punky’s Whips
1.                   Black Page #1
2.                   Black Page #2
3.                   Regyptian Strut
4.                   Peaches En Regalia
5.                   Montana
6.                   Village Of The Sun
7.                   Echidna’s Arf (Of You)
8.                   Zomby Woof
9.                   Black Napkins
10.               The Torture Never Stops
11.               Oh No
12.               Son Of  Orange  County
13.               Trouble Every Day
14.               Sofa
15.               Cheepnis* (*bonus track not listed on package)
1.                   Tell Me You Love Me
2.                   Florentine Pogen
3.                   Cheepnis
4.                   Cosmik Debris
5.                   I’m The Same
6.                   Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow
7.                   St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast
8.                   Father O’Blivion
9.                   Black Page #2
10.               Peaches En Regalia
11.               Zomby Woof
12.               The Torture Never Stops
 6          Minneapolis,  MN                       First Avenue
 7          Omaha,  NE                              Witherspoon Hall
 8          Lawrence,  KS                          Wakarusa Festival
 9          St. Louis,  MO                           Pageant
11         New Orleans,  LA                      House Of Blues
12         Atlanta,  GA                               Variety
13         Raleigh,  NC                              Lincoln Theatre
14         Manchester,  TN                       Bonnaroo
 1          Milwaukee,  WI                          Milwaukee Summerfest
 3          Muskegon,  MI                           Rothbury Fest
 4          Kitchener,  ON                          Elements
 5          Ottawa,  ON                              Ottawa Bluesfest
 6          Quebec,  QC                            Quebec International Summer Fest
 8          Lansing,  MI                               Common Ground
 1          Bridgeport,  CT                                     Gathering Of The Vibes
 2          Burlington,  VT                          Higher Ground
 3          Northampton,  MA                     Calvin  Theatre
 5          Portland,  ME                            Merrill Auditorium
 6          Hampton Beach,  NH                Hampton Beach Casino
 7          Buffalo,  NY                               Thursdays At The Square
 8          Westbury,  NY                           North Fork Theatre
 9          Peekskill,  NY                            Paramount  Center

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