moe. Releasing Warts & All Volume 6, Launching Dr. Stan’s Picks Series

moe. will release its sixth edition of the WARTS & ALL series, Tuesday, May 27, 2008. WARTS & ALL Volume 6 was recorded on January 28, 2007 at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, KS.

 A complete track listing is below. The concerts for the WARTS & ALL releases are chosen by the band and include an entire show without edits or overdubs. moe. guitarist Chuck Garvey provides unique artwork for each WARTS & ALL release.

 In September, moe. will release the first edition of DR. STAN’S PICKS. This new series of live archival releases is selected by moe. archivist Dr. Stan Lobitz.

 Like moe.’s last three studio albums, STICKS & STONES, THE CONCH and WORMWOOD, the WARTS & ALL and the DR. STAN’S PICKS series are released on the band’s own label, Fatboy Records. Physical releases are distributed by KOCH Entertainment.

 "In the last year," says manager Jon Topper, "I have watched two long-standing independent record stores in Buffalo, NY close: Home of the Hits and New World Records – not to mention Tower Records nationwide. With fewer stores and larger retail giving less room to product, we have decided to make our archival albums’ physical releases special collector items – which is unique."

 Moving forward, moe. will no longer manufacture additional copies of the previous WARTS & ALL releases. Both WARTS & ALL and DR. STAN’S PICKS will be limited editions with a release of 25,000 copies, although they will be available digitally indefinitely. The packaging is high quality, display worthy digipaks made of recycled paper with vegetable-based inks.

 "moe. does what it can to be environmentally conscious – whether with vegetable-based inks or reducing waste on our tour bus," says guitarist Al Schnier. "This tour we no longer have bottled water on our rider. We have obtained stainless steel bottles and plan to utilize a water filtration system to reduce our plastic dependency."

 Warts & All Volume 6 Track Listing

 CD One
 Captain America
 Bring It Back Home
 Lost Along the Way
 Jazz Wank >

 CD Two
 Spine Of A Dog>
 Dr. Graffenberg>

 CD Three
 Brent Black
 The Ghost Of Ralph’s Mom

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