The Weepies: Hideaway


You might not know it, but you probably already love The Weepies.  It might have been that commercial for Old Navy, or that episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but you’ve probably mouthed the words, “That’s a good song” after hearing one of their simple, catchy tunes.  The good thing is that they’ve enjoyed success—so much that they had to take a long break after their last release, Say I Am You.  Deb Talan and Steve Tannan, the now husband and wife force behind songs like “Gotta Have You” and “World Spins Madly On,” had a baby boy, wrote songs, and fought their way out of exhaustion to record their new album, Hideaway.

The opening track, “Can’t Go Back Now,” talks of their fresh outlook on life, and it sounds just as homely as anything they’ve ever done.  The down-to-earth sound of past Weepies’ releases remains intact on “Orbiting,” “All Good Things,” and How You Survived the War,” while the songwriting is as strong as ever.  There’s nothing frisky on these 14 tracks, but I’m sure you’ll be hearing them again and again, even if you don’t know that it’s them.  That’s how The Weepies roll—anonymously happy.


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