Yonder Mountain String Band: Mountain Tracks Five


Yonder Mountain String Band has been making their brand of high energy acoustic music for over 10 years now.  They mark this ten year milestone with the fifth installment of their adored live album series, Mountain TracksMountain Tracks Five is a double disc offering sprinkled with “pickin and grinning” Yonder style.  Disc One is a compilation disc of highlights of shows from 2004-2007 handpicked by bassist, Ben Kaufman.  This disc features many unreleased songs and jams that Yonder fans will be happy to sink their teeth into.  It also features smoldering versions of “Didn’t Go Wrong” which features amazing fret-work from guitarist Adam Aijala.  Like Kauffman states, it will “put a little swing in your thing”.  Look out for new numbers like “Southbound” penned by mandolinist, Jeff Austin and resident Colorado songwriting hero, Benny Galloway. It will have you humming the chorus in your sleep.  This disc is jam-packed with the energy of a live show which is evident in versions of “Boatman’s Dance” and “Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down”.  The disc ends on a blazing version of Austin’s “Ten” with bind mending work on their instruments.  It only proves that these boys can rock as hard as they can pick. 

Disc Two is the release of the July 21, 2007 show in Columbus, Ohio.  The show displays the kind of spark and liveliness that a Yonder show only can and brings the fans coming back for more.  One of the elements that makes a Yonder show is the hilarious bantor between the boys on stage. It is priceless and makes this much more intimate than a studio release.  This set features brilliant spins on Bill Monroe’s “Kentucky Mandolin” with tremendous interplay between instruments on this number.  Aijala’s “Night Out” displays the catchy hooks that separate Yonder from the rest of the jam band world because they actually write “gasp” great songs.  Do yourself a favor and find out why Yonder Mountain String Band is one of the fastest growing bands in the music industry!    

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