Rachael Sage: Chandelier


“People look a certain way at a certain time of day,” Rachael Sage sings on “Invincible,” one of Chandelier’s standout tracks.  It’s a line that finely sums up the album, because, depending on what mood you’re in, certain things are going to jump out at you at different times over the course of its 13 strong songs.  The melodies are striking, the vocals confident, and the overall effort is undeniable: Sage has created a beautiful album here, and it glows with grace.

Quirky like Regina Spektor and intoxicating like Tori Amos, Sage successfully uses her songwriting and piano skills to win you over on tunes like the opening “Vertigo” and the beautiful title track, where she sings, “Silence is sweeter than doubt.” There’s no doubting Rachael Sage on Chandelier, only the beauty of discovery and feeling content.

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