Brooke Fraser: Albertine


“You make all things new,” Brooke Fraser sings on “Shadowfeet,” the opening track on her stellar sophomore effort, Albertine.  Fraser’s writing is mature, her voice sweet and confident, and her songs serve a purpose, most notably the engaging title track, which tells of her experiences in Rwanda and her relationship with a girl named Albertine. The twelve songs on Albertine play like a beautifully composed pop masterpiece surrounded with talented musicians, with a confident, now 24-year-old Fraser always in the lead.

 “Deciphering Me” is an obvious single–cool, catchy, and a hit for the singer-songwriter from New Zealand.  Mostly recorded live, Albertine is the soaring declaration of a young woman’s passion and life experiences that are magically told in songs like “C.S. Lewis Song” and the beautiful “Hymn,” which closes the album.   It’s about time the world – outside of New Zealand and Australia – opens its ears to enjoy the promising real talents of Brooke Fraser.

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