Railroad Earth: Amen Corner


Railroad Earth’s fourth studio album, Amen Corner, blends their recipe of Americana with sprinkles of bluegrass and hints of country all over.  After listening to the album, it is hard to believe that Railroad Earth has only been together since 2001, despite the fact that the band is comprised of seasoned touring musicians. 

Amen Corner was recorded in singer/ songwriter, Todd Sheaffer’s, 300 year old farm house in the New Jersey countryside which accounts for the rootsy down home feel of the record.  With its excellent melody and lyrics, standout tracks like “Been down This Road” are destined to be instant Americana classics.  Railroad Earth definitely shows off their prowess on their instruments in lighter numbers such as “All Alone” and “You Never Know. “ Sheaffer’s heartfelt songwriting has always been a powerful ingredient in the Railroad Earth recipe, and it shines on numbers such as the folksy “Right in Tune.” 

Mandolinist, John Skehan, shows off blistering picking in his instrumental number “Lonecroft Ramble” and one of the hidden gems of the album is when violinist extraordinaire, Tim Carbone, takes lead vocals on the rambling number Crossing the Gap.  Railroad Earth has always delivered powerful live shows, but with Amen Corner they have finally delivered the album they were destined to make

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