Gaslight Anthem: Brian Fallon Gets Warped

With a sophomore album, The ’59 Sound out this month, a small stage appearance on Warped Tour, and a love for the Bronx, this Jersey punk outfit is making great strides in a short amount of time.  Of course, if you were one of the thousands who grabbed the leaked album online…you already knew that.  Resident Warped Tour expert Bob Lange caught up with GA’s Brian Fallon to discuss their latest accomplishments, and Jersey‘s pride and joy…Springsteen.

How has the Warped Tour been treating you?

The Warped Tour was pretty fun for us. It was hot, but of course it was hot, it’s July! We were in a van and trailer, but hey, we make due. We had a good time.

What made you decide to join the Warped Tour this year? Has it lived up to your expectations?

We did it to see the Bronx for free. We just wanted to do it. It’s all about gaining experiences when you’re a touring band and the warped tour is definitely an experience. It’s really a pretty good time if you don’t sit around and complain all day about the heat.

Are these the biggest crowds you’ve played for? How does it compare to playing smaller shows?

Actually we were on one of the smallest stages. We get much bigger crowds on our own tours. We really had to fight to get seen, so we just turned the live show up a notch and it worked. By the last day, there were a lot of kids watching us.

Who is the best band you’ve seen on the Warped Tour this year?

The Bronx, the Bronx, the Bronx. Amazing!

There’s a lot of bands to choose from. It’s overwhelming when you get here and look at the schedule. Why should someone see you?

You won’t see any other band doing what we do live. I’m not saying we’re the best, I’m just saying we’re making a noise you don’t hear so often nowadays. We’ve got our hands in the Motown pot. That’s where we’re drawing from.

The Warped Tour has corporate sponsors like AT&T. How do you feel about that? Is it a good thing, a necessary evil or a sellout?

I don’t know man. I don’t think everything can be mom and pop, but truthfully, I’m not into all that. That’s jive to me. To me, it’s about treating people right. I haven’t gotten that perfect yet myself. When I do, then I’ll start pointing fingers. For now, I’m busy trying to sort my own shortcomings out. Everything’s sponsored, baseball, everything, but I’m not into all that though. I don’t know AT&T from IPods. It’s all out of my peripheral right now.

Your new album, The 59 Sound, is like punk rock Springsteen. Do you guys like Springsteen a lot or is it just something that happens when you grow up in New Jersey?

The Boss is the Boss applesauce.

Springsteen is clearly not playing punk rock. How do you see the connection between Springsteen and punk? It seems like something that should have been done before. Why do you think that boat’s been missed up until now?

You watch live at Hammersmith Odean 1975 DVD and then you see punk rock. I don’t think half the kids waving springsteen flags sound like Springsteen, I think there’s a bit of a band wagon, tell ’em come down to Asbury Park and spend a few minutes here, then we can talk Bruce.

What are your plans after the Warped Tour?

We’re going to Australia tomorrow and then Redding and Leeds, then the US from fall to winter. We’re road tested, mother approved. Plus, we can’t get no real jobs.

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