Peter Bradley Adams: Leavetaking


Since forming the duo eastmountainsouth with Kat Bode, things have been moving pretty fast for Peter Bradley Adams.  Deciding that he would rather record and perform as a solo artist, Adams started over, minus Bode’s harmony and musicianship.  And his reasoning proves clear on his second solo album, Leavetaking.  Its ethereal sound soars as a comfortable mix of keyboards, acoustic guitars, a light touch of banjo and violin, and soothing vocals that suit Adams just fine as a solo act.

The opening track, “The Longer I Run,” is reminiscent of the best of Mark Kozelek, while the standout “Always,” screams of the mastery of David Gilmour; Leavetaking plays like an outpouring of honest talent that is just beginning to scratch the surface of Adams’ bright future as a singer-songwriter.  It would be nice if maybe he showed a little more grit, perhaps on a tune like “I’ll Forget You,” but it could be that Adams prefers a calm way of getting his message across, and I can’t really argue with that.

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